Maricela was born in the idyllic island city of Honolulu, Hawaii.  She earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology at the University of Oregon and a Master's Social Work Degree at the University of Hawaii. Like so many rain-weary Oregonians before her, the sunny allure of the Golden State proved irresistible. She finally settled in the diverse community of Alameda, where she shares her aloha spirit and has contently called home for almost 15 years.
Maricela joined East Bay Home Transitions in 2022, utilizing her extensive background as the property manager for multifamily housing properties to skillfully help her clients navigate the complex and often overwhelming process of buying a home. Although she thrives on problem-solving and thinking up creative solutions, her greatest fulfillment as a Realtor is that pinnacle moment she gets to hand over the keys to a first-time homeowner. It is this reward that motivates her through the long hours, mounds of paperwork, and seemingly endless work-weekends a career as a Realtor demands.
Additionally: as a food-obsessed, dance-and-yoga-loving outdoor aficionado, Maricela is an invaluable resource for living your best life in the sunny side of the Bay. Best scenic hike with a secret waterfall? She'll happily direct you. Best hand-pulled noodles this side of Shanghai? Slurping is highly encouraged. Best costume-only outdoor skate & dance party? You are totally invited. When she's not actively enjoying the riches of the quintessential Bay Area lifestyle, she's binging on podcasts and working on turning her black thumb green (if you have any tips on how to keep a fiddle leaf fig alive - by all means - please do share). 
Fun fact: Maricela won 1st Prize in the Eat Real Pickled Cabbage Competition with her sweet gingery Kimchi! Maybe she'll whip you up a batch someday in your new kitchen.